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Floating Numbers is a trusted Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that has excelled in providing extraordinary BPO services Since 2017. Our comprehensive range of solutions caters to businesses across diverse industries, ensuring streamlined operations and significant cost savings. With Floating Numbers, you can access various services that meet your needs.

Our expert team specialises in Content Moderation, Data Annotation, IT Outsourcing, Medical Billing and Customer Service. Whether you require efficient data management, accurate medical billing or exceptional customer support, our skilled professionals deliver outstanding results.
By partnering with Floating Numbers, you unlock the potential for increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and sustained business growth. Experience excellence in Business Process Management services with Floating Numbers as your trusted partner.

Our mission is to be the preferred choice of Business Process Outsourcing and Management in India. We will achieve this by creating reliable, efficient, positive online experiences for clients and building customer loyalty through trust & safety, AI learning, development, medical administration or delivering excellent quality outsourced services.

We will invest in our staff's training and well-being, skilling them to deliver world-class service exceeding our clients' and their customers' expectations, becoming the employer of choice in Kolkata.


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Optimise Your Business With Our Business Process Management Services

Experience our comprehensive business process management services in content moderation, data annotation, it, medical billing and customer service. with a dedicated team of professionals, a quality driven bpo services that empower your business growth. trust the floating numbers team for personalised solutions that exceed your expectations.

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Content Moderation

Our trained and experienced content moderators will identify the images, texts, audio and videos containing a violent message, pornography, racist, discriminatory, or false information. And remove them immediately from the social and business platforms.

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Data Annotation

Our high-quality data annotation service will craft and improve AI implementations in your social or business platform and provide a superior user experience. While the texts, images, videos, and audios on the website are correctly categorized, viewers can easily find what they are looking for by the tags or labels.

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IT Development

Our software developers create software that satisfies your business needs. We design and develop specialised solutions to optimise operations, improve productivity and drive success. Trust us to deliver a software solution perfectly aligned with your unique needs and goals.

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Medical Administration

Our medical administration service ensures precise and efficient documentation of healthcare records.  We ensure high-quality billing while maintaining accurate and organised medical records through our team of expert transcriptionists.

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Customer Service

Outsourcing customer support services is a strategic choice businesses make to enhance operational efficiency. It is possible to streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and gain access to expert resources by outsourcing customer service tasks.

Kolkata Overview

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We are based in Kolkata, as it has a wealth of talented people and a business district that great transport infrastructure.


Population in Kolkata metropolitan.


New university graduates annually.

Language Diversity

English | German | Portuguese | Chinese | French | Spanish .


Our Corporate Social Responsibility is to help socially disadvantaged people in Kolkata, teaching new skills that improve their quality of life, giving them longer and healthier lives.

Meet The Minds Behind The Idea

Abhishek Shaw

After 15 years in the BPO and IT industry, I can support you with the knowledge and insight to design, implement and manage large-scale technology projects.

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Co-Founder and IT Consultant

Abhisek Jaiswal

Through the success of our business start-up, we can share the skills we have developed to launch a business and keep it moving forward.

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Co-Founder and Business Consultant

Vaishali Shaw

Staff are your most valuable assets. We know that their well-being and motivation are essential to the success of your business. We can advise you on the

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HR Consultant

Bobby Jaiswal

Never underestimate the importance of day-to-day staff supervision and support, seamless business functionality, enhancing user experience, and constant reviewing workflow and updating to stay ahead in a competitive market.

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Operations Consultant

Ayush Lohia

Quality in your business is essential; following International Organisation for Standardisation guidelines, we support your company in developing your business process to adopt industry best practices.

ayush sir

Quality Assurance Consultant

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