App Reviews Solution

Apps Review Helps You to Establish a Better Connection with Your Audience

Floating Numbers provides the best app review solutions to help you determine and improve your app's visibility. A perfect and user-friendly mobile app can grow your customer base surprisingly, and you can make your products available worldwide. Also, your app for employees or customers is essential to the success of your business. But to drive adoption and use, you need to stay on top of managing reviews of those apps, which can be incredibly time-intensive. Our expert team will help you keep on top of reviews, read them, respond to them, and analyse the data.

Our Capabilities


We offer an easy-to-use app review management solution that collects relevant data: reviews, keywords, ratings, ranks, updates, and sales. The solution supports App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Amazon Appstore and Mac App Store. This App Review Management Solution shows your data from multiple sources in one place, so you don't have to spend hours collecting and combining it. It contains updates from popular app stores and iTunes Connect, Google Play Console, Search Ads, and AppsFlyer.


Our Best App Review Service Includes

  • We will interact with bad reviews and understand the reason.
  • We will provide more insight from upset users.
  • We enable you to make better app roadmap decisions on new features.
  • We help to identify and fix bugs faster.
  • We sort through user feedback and priorities responses.
  • We set a benchmark against the competition.