Social Media Review Management

Improve Your Customer Service with Our Efficient Social Media Review Management

Floating Numbers provides the best monitoring service for social media reviews and helps you to respond optimistically to the reviews. We will create the suitable location and product reviews to improve your online reputation and increase the conversion rate. Our review management solution will look after your client perspective regarding your brand and devise the proper response to improve any negative perception.

Social media review provides an accurate picture regarding any brand, product or service.

Product Reviews

While searching for any product or service on social media and search engines, most people follow previous remarks on that particular brand or product. Also, people always choose that brand or service provider with higher ratings or positive comments from existing users. Suppose your brand has negative remarks from the users. In that case, it will harm your online reputation and affect the growth of your business. So, you need to engage with these users to find out the reason behind their dissatisfaction and solve the issue at the earliest possible. 

Location Reviews

Location reviews are focused on targeting the audience based on a specific location. It will help you understand your client's behaviour and your online status within the particular locality. Also, location review enables you to identify your competitors and provides you with the best opportunity to develop a better strategy to stay ahead of all. With suitable and positive location reviews, you can rank your brand higher in local search results and attract more prospective customers.

Our Capabilities

  • We find out where the improvements are needed in your social media account(s) to improve your online reputation. 
  • We engage a trained team and advanced technology to analyze and review your sites, social listings, web rankings, and more.
  • We will thoroughly observe the reviews of your social media platform to find out the negative perceptions. 
  • We will engage with all unsatisfied users to understand the cause behind their negative perception. 
  • We execute immediate action to counter any problem related to your brand's trust and evolve your offerings by product development. 
  • We identify the inaccuracies in your online listing and correct them so your brand ranks higher in search results. 
  • We will analyze your competitor's strategy and set a benchmark to keep you in a higher position on social platforms.