Social Strategy

An efficient social media content strategy will improve the conversion rate and grow your business

Floating Number delivers the best content strategy and production to help you achieve your goal in social media. Every day millions of images, texts, audios and videos are shared on social platforms. Within this large volume of content, it’s hard to keep your brand on top of things. Our expert social media strategists will assist you in crafting a proper content plan to enhance the organic traffic flow. So you will get more engagement and the golden chance to improve the conversion rate.

Content Plans

Our goal is to create specific, measurable and relevant content to get you the desired attention in social media. We will thoroughly observe and identify with your target audience to create an effective content plan. Our strategists will aid you in converting your social media followers into regular customers.

Content Publishing

We also schedule publishing content on social media for a month or a year to achieve the desired outcome. Scheduling content publishing can be a manual and arduous process that depends on the volume of post and the number of social media accounts. We are expert in handling and tracking multiple channels, so get in touch with us for productive content publishing.

Our Capabilities

  • We will help to increase your brand awareness and boost audience engagement.
  • Our effective strategy will drive more traffic towards your website. 
  • Social media strategy will generate new leads and grow revenue. 
  • We can localize your content and translate the texts into 30+ languages. 
  • We provide social customer service 24x7 to respond to every crisis.

Services We Offer

  • Audit your current state and engagement in social media. 
  • Understand your target audience and generate effective promotional strategies. 
  • Create measurable and relevant content, including images, audios and videos, to grow your reputation in social media.
  • Provide result-driven social media marketing strategies to help you achieve your dream.
  • Correspond with your target audience and persuade them to become your customers.